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Are You Just One Book Away from a 7-Figure Business?

Here’s How We Use Short Books to Acquire New Customers at Scale and Rapidly Turn Them Into Premium Clients

From: Mike Shreeve
Portland, OR
In 2018, I replaced all of my complex marketing efforts with just one asset:

A 68-page book.

The result? My business grew faster and more predictably than ever.

Since then, my team and I have helped 100s of our students scale their business with a book.

My latest book, The One Book Millions Method, reveals every step of the process.

Inside, I'll share how we come up with book ideas, write books quickly, and the marketing method we use to sell 100+ copies per day at net zero in marketing costs.

I'll also share how we turn book readers who don't know us before they buy our books into premium clients in under 7 days using a no-pressure sales process (the book does the selling, so prospects show up "sold").

The book also includes self-assessments, exercises, example downloads, and many examples of how you can use a book to get more customers and clients at scale.

It was developed to help you decide: "Is a book right for my business?"

And, if a book is right for your business, The One Book Millions Method can become your step-by-step guide for using a book to get more customers and clients.

My team has tested and proven the method and strategies you’re about to learn with over 40+ books (and counting).

I’ve never revealed many of the methods I or my team have used anywhere else. You’ll only find them in this book, The One Book Millions Method.

Get The One Book Millions Method + All 7 Bonuses

You’ll receive The One Book Millions Method digital book, the 6.5+ hour audiobook, a MOBI file for your e-reader or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.

Here’s a Look at What You’ll Discover When You Get Your Digital Copy of The One Book Millions Method…

  • How We Add 100-150 New Customers Per Day to our businesses at net zero cost per acquisition or better.
  • Case-Study Examples showing you how we use this method for our businesses and our clients including an in-depth look at the type of businesses we believe The One Book Millions Method can help the most.
  • The Exact Path We Follow to turn cold prospects who don’t know us into $100k/year clients in as little as 7 days.
  • Creating Powerful Authority Overnight - Many of our clients have gone from relatively unknown to established experts rapidly, while gaining the trust of other experts (and all of the opportunities that go along with that trust).
  • Scaling Faster Than Any Strategy - Using this book method to acquire high volumes of new customers and quickly turn them into clients is the most consistent strategy I’ve ever tried or tested.
  • ​​The Reason We’re Able to “Sell without Selling” and a look inside how we’re able to close 40% of our sales calls for high-ticket programs without needing a “high-ticket closer.”
  • Launched and Live in As Little As 14 Days - Get the process we use to make it happen and see why a large team and complex systems aren’t required (one person can do it).
  • “Growth on Demand” - How I’m easily able to follow this proven, repeatable system to create on-demand growth for myself and my clients without having to worry about advertising spend or market complexity.
  • ​All While Maintaining 1.75x - 2.50x ROAS (before premium sales) so that when $1 goes into our “marketing machine” $1.75 or more immediately comes out (we often see a predictable 7-8x Return on Ad Spend within 30 days of launch, thanks to sales of premium offers).
  • ​100+ Year-Old Growth Secret Revealed: Discover the #1 scalable sales asset for building trust and authority while filling a sales pipeline with pre-qualified prospects.
  • How We Solve the 5 Most Common Problems coaches, consultants, client-based businesses, agencies, and online course creators are facing in today’s marketplace.
  • 68-Pages to $1,000,000 in Revenue: An in-depth look at how 8 days of writing + 1 day to launch was all it took to take a coaching business from $20k/mo to $100,000/mo.
  • “Mistake Proofing” Your Business and how the simplicity of a one book asset can reduce complexity and add consistent, predictable revenue to a business (even when everything else goes wrong).
  • The Business of Books (what most marketers get wrong) - How the “funnel math” behind using a book as a marketing asset works and what we expect when using a book to acquire new customers and clients for ourselves or our clients.
  • ​​$4.99 Book vs. $97 “Product”: Which one is better? If you’ve never looked at the numbers behind selling a $4.99 book vs. a $97 product or toolkit to cold traffic using paid ads (or if you’ve thought about doing either), don’t skip this breakdown on page 210.
  • How to Plan, Write, and Produce a Book from start to finish, including the unusual method I use to write a quality book, 6 things every book should have, and how to use a book to pre-sell prospects on premium programs.
  • Why 100-150 Page Books (or Shorter) Work and why you won’t need a 900+ page masterwork to follow this method. Shorter is actually better (we’ll start talking about why on page 8).
  • ​The 14 - 21 Day Authorship Gameplan - See how our clients are able to write their own books in 14 to 21 days or less (and how you can do the same).
  • ​Have you built a job (instead of a business)? See how the one book model can simplify marketing and sales to free up most of your time and allow you to get back to being a business owner.
  • ​“Set-and-Forget” High-Ticket Sales and a look inside the 40% premium offer close rate that one book marketing can bring most businesses (never resort to “used car salesman” tactics again).
  • How to Gain the Trust of Experts in Your Niche - Discover a path that can have the biggest names in your industry reaching out to ask for your help.
  • Can Someone Else Write for You? Copy the pre-built system I use to make sure your voice makes it into books written by someone else. Go ahead and swipe this ghostwriting methodology for all written content to get your ideas into the world faster.
  • The Reality of “Royalties” including the built-in mechanism that brings modest monthly profits before any high-ticket sales are made on the “back end.”
  • $1,500, $5,000 and $30,000 Offers, the role they play and how even novice marketers without established audiences are using The One Book Millions Method to predictably launch premium services and programs.
  • Lessons From 37 Launches - Find out what I’ve discovered after planning, launching, and optimizing 37 marketing funnels using this method in the short span of 12 months.
  • ​​What if You Could Be Fully Booked With Just ONE Piece of Content? No more struggling with “what should I put on the content calendar?” or “how many cold emails should I send this week?”
  • $11,854 in 3-Days with a Book - Discover how an overworked freelancer ended the “hampster wheel” of client-getting and turned his established knowledge into immediate passive profits using this method (case study begins on page 10).
  • The Niche I Didn’t Think Would Work, why it worked anyway, and the strategy one of my private clients used to turn her career experiences into an online school that’s shaped the lives of thousands.
  • Reaching Millions the First Month - Take a close look at how one book can accelerate the impact you can have on the world and how quickly this method of launching a book can expand the number of people you reach.
  • Rapidly Becoming An Expert Among Experts - Experts with millions of followers were asking this previously unknown mom for podcast interviews and summit appearances just one week after launch (skip to client case study 3 in chapter 1).
  • “Hustle-Free PR” and why using a book to showcase talent may be the fastest, most hassle-free and “hustle-free” way to get recognized on social media and beyond.
  • Ever See a “Free + s/h” Book Offer that a guru is running ads to? Wondering if it’s a good idea? Based on our experience, we like to avoid the word “free” (you’ll see why starting on p. 15).
  • Books Can Outlast a Business - Let me show you the impact books written 30, 40, and 50+ years ago are still having, and learn how to build a legacy around a short book.
  • What to Do When It Doesn’t Work - Anyone who tells you that something works 100% of the time is not telling the truth. Starting on page 14, I’ll show you what we do when a book launch doesn’t work (and the “balancing act” required to make it work).
  • Attracting Ideal Clients by Design - The clients you work with, how much you can charge, and the stress or peace they bring your’s all a result of how your business is designed (more on page 18).
  • What are “Peaceful Profits?” - I’ve built a coaching business called “Peaceful Profits” that helps entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and service providers peacefully scale their business...but what are “Peaceful Profits” and how are they different from just profits? (the answer is in chapter 2)
  • Fluff-Free - There’s a reason the book you’re about to read was written the way I speak (it’s because I spoke it instead of writing it). You’ll discover why you might want to do the same.
  • The Struggle Shift - Here’s the #1 shift business owners can make to reduce the amount of stress, struggle, and emotional inconsistency they experience in their business. The earlier this shift is made, the better.
  • Can You Do This In Your Business? I can tell you exactly how much I’ll make in profit six months from now to within a few hundred dollars because of how I market my business using books. If you’d like this type of predictability, let me show you how I do it in chapter 2.
  • Stop Saying “Yes” When You Shouldn't - The #1 reason people who offer a service (that’s coaches, consultants, freelancers, agencies, and many others) tell clients “yes” is because of financial pressure. See how this method can help you say “no” (chapter 2).
  • Struggling to Solve the Wrong Problems? Most marketers waste 80% of their efforts solving problems that don’t matter. The included self-assessments help you better determine where your time and effort should be spent.
  • #1 Answer to Sales Inconsistency - This works well for just about any type of business (it works even better when you have a high-ticket offer, digital course, or coaching program).
  • Marketing Systems vs. Marketing Assets - Do you know the difference? A system is something that requires work - day in and day out. An asset brings in the outcome you want 24/7/365, without direct input. Discover how to use a book as an asset.
  • Should You Get Someone to Write the Book for You? Take a closer look at what the writing process is actually like. Writing a book might not be anything like you imagine when you follow this method.
  • ​​How to Get Traffic to Pay for Itself. Traffic is required to scale. See how we use the one book strategy to pay for all the traffic costs needed to grow a business.
  • The Reason “Non-Writers” Write Books Like This and why you don’t need to be an idea machine to quickly create a book that can bring in ideal prospects for services, courses, or coaching programs.
  • Dream Customers & Clients Discover You - One of the most powerful things you can do in your business is to be more purposeful in who you work with. There’s lots of talk out there about finding your “dream customer.” Learn how to create a book that helps them find you.
  • The Advantage of “Deep Service” - Make more impactful connections with those you serve through a book. For businesses passionate about helping people, this is the key to reaching your audience at a deeper level (page 20).
  • “Well I’m Just a __________, I Can’t Change the World” - A very short book can unlock your ability to radically impact the lives of clients and customers, even if what you’re doing now doesn’t seem “impactful” or “meaningful.”
  • Making a Book Bigger Than Ideas - Sure, your book will share ideas and information, but before you get started, it’s important to understand why information is not what really matters.
  • Watch Your Solutions Reach More People - Because this book can cover marketing costs, it opens the door to reaching millions of people with little advertising expense. Let me show you exactly how a few of our clients went from virtually unknown to established stars overnight.
  • $5k - $15k Per Day On Ads Without a Budget - There’s a success check-in exercise on page 22. Check your score to see if you’re just a few days and one book away from scale, even if you don’t have the largest marketing budget (if not, I’ll help you map out a plan to get there based on your results).
  • 4 Paths to Turn Knowledge Into Authority: How to package knowledge into a book and use it to scale a client-based business or how to use a short book to grow a digital school.
  • Stop Giving Clients More Options - Do you want to see what customers and clients really want? HINT: They don’t want you to do more, they want clarity. Adding clarity the way I’ll show you on page 30 can supercharge growth.
  • Why You Buy Things But Never Use Them - Here’s a cool exercise...if you ever buy books like this, courses, or programs but you never seem to finish them, I can show you why in chapter 3 (it’s a simple mindset shift).
  • 11 Examples of 7-Figure Businesses I’ve Built With Books - Is your niche on the list? Skip to chapter three and read on to see if your business is a good fit for this model.
  • Here’s What to “Quit” in Your Business - I’ll give you a proven system for solving 80% of the chaos in a business. To use it, you’ll need to know your “Complexity Score.” The assessment is in chapter 3 and it will show you what to “quit” and what to fix.
  • 2012 vs 2021: What’s Changed in Marketing? Don’t miss the crazy strategy I was using in 2012 that returned 6x on adspend with none of the complicated marketing methods people are using today (does it still work now? Find out on page 36).
  • Here’s What the “Gurus” Get Wrong - The answer to “why is it so hard to run ads these days?” might surprise you.
  • “The Barrier to Entry is Exactly ZERO” - Here’s a tough reality that everybody thinking about running an online business of ANY type needs to accept and rapidly adapt to. Miss this and it’s going to be exponentially more difficult to succeed (page 38).
  • Why Complexity Is the Enemy of Growth: More is not really more. See why focusing on just one metric in a business (book sales) can lead to faster, more sustainable growth.
  • It’s Getting Harder to Sell Things Online and the type of book that allows businesses to stand out and deliver value even in the most crowded markets.
  • Everyone Needs Help and you have important lessons you can give them. Discover how using a book to serve can lead to success beyond anything you imagine.
  • Overcoming Audience Skepticism - Unlock a principle we follow in book planning and marketing that accounts for what readers and buyers are actually thinking in today’s marketplace. Avoid moving forward until you’ve made this consideration.
  • ​​The Tools Still Work (the Audience Has Changed) - Struggling to get attention from your audience or prospects? Take the “marketing litmus test” we use that accommodates for today’s audience mindset.
  • Become More Than a “Marketer” otherwise audiences are likely to become jaded and skeptical of what you have to offer (specific strategies start in chapter 3).
  • Why You Shouldn’t Chase Clients - The best clients to work with are the ones you don’t have to chase to get. Instead, start using a book to bring them to you
  • $200,000/mo of Marketing for Free - Borrow this method to appear “everywhere” without having to spend a fortune to staff a content team or pay for the marketing to get you there (page 45).
  • An Honest Assessment of “Organic Marketing” - And why it still works but might be the most costly mistake that most businesses make.
  • “If _____ Was Shut Down Tomorrow” - Would your business survive? If there is any single channel your business relies on more than others, don’t skip chapter 3.
  • How to Keep Someone Else from Owning Your Business - This might be an unconventional way of talking about business “ownership,” but make sure you read it so that you can avoid the mistake that cost me a $240,000/year revenue stream.
  • Passive Enough to Fire Yourself - Discover what it actually means to own a “passive business” and the ACTION/RESULT framework you can follow to assess exactly how passive the business you’re growing actually is (page 49).
  • The Long-Term Risk of Hard Work - If marketing and sales processes require significant effort from the business owner, then the future of the business is at risk. Discover why hard work now is the enemy of growth.
  • Take This Test - Answer the questions on page 52, tally up your score, and determine just how predictable your business really is. Based on your score, you’ll see the next steps to take.
  • ​​When Does “Free Traffic” Actually Work? If you take a close look at the example I’ll lay out on page 56, you’ll have a better understanding of how organic traffic businesses are actually built and what to expect.
  • Why Adding Customers Is Better Than Adding Leads - Enjoy higher open rates, more engagement, and increase sales for just about any offer by ditching freebies as a “front end” marketing strategy and adding customers to your list instead.
  • What the “Top 1%” of Marketers Are Doing - Reality check: 99% of marketers actually give up on paid traffic. Let me show you what the top 1% are doing to make it work. The explanation is on pages 56-58.
  • One Tweak Away From One Million - Complete the self assessment on page 59 and discover the best traffic moves to make to rapidly grow your business.
  • How Well Lambos Sell Things - Take a close look at my close rate breakdown from running 4 years of webinars and video sales letters and I’ll reveal what the lambo brosefs are actually seeing in the ad dashboards (page 62).
  • Replace Strangers With Customers - If you feel like you’re talking to the wrong people in your business, if you’re worried about low open rates on your email list, or if it feels like your audience isn’t engaged, use the self-assessment on page 66 to determine what to do next.
  • 4 Secrets for Hiring a Salesperson - Wondering what it takes to close high-ticket prospects on phone conversations? I’ve hired a lot of commission-only salespeople over the years, let me break down what I’ve learned for you (end of chapter 3).
  • “Wow, $15,000 is really cheap for what you’re offering!” - How to have this conversation over and over again with your prospects (go to page 70).
  • The Most Effective Persuasion Tactic Ever Invented is actually 100% honest (in a world where honesty in marketing is exceedingly hard to come by). Discover how to use this sales tactic to skyrocket conversions in chapter 4.
  • Is a Book Right for Your Business? Inside the One Book Millions Method, you can complete the 12+ included self-assessments to determine if this model is a good fit for your offer, business, or goals.
  • ​​My “Action Momentum” Framework that I’ve used with clients like Mel Robbins, SUCCESS Magazine, Brendon Burchard and many others to help grow massive audiences and move them toward courses and coaching programs faster than any other method.
  • How R.I.A. Inspires Action - If you’re ready to change the lives of as many people as possible, or if you know there is a large audience out there who needs your help, use the R.I.A. strategy I’ll show you on page 73.
  • Why the Trains in Portland Have Maps - Where I live in Portland, our trains have maps on the side. What does this have to do with growing an audience and building a business? You’ll find out in chapter 4.
  • Conversion Through Consumption - Even if you don’t write a book, you can use the conversion through consumption principles you’ll discover in chapter 4 to grow your business using any type of value-driven content.
  • What To Do With No Testimonials or Case Studies - If you waited until you had dozens and dozens of case studies before you grew your business, how long would it take before you got started? What I’ll show you on page 76 doesn’t require testimonials (and actually converts better).
  • “Closing the Gap” - Borrow this unique principle from the billion-dollar industry online marketers completely ignore, but should be looking closely to for inspiration (especially if you’re a coach, consultant, agency owner, service provider or freelancer of any type).
  • Revealed: My Secret Agenda - Sorry, it’s a secret. It’s in chapter 4. HINT: It’s the same reason why “sign up for my free training” should really say “sign up for my free sales pitch” (and everyone knows it) and why you’ll do this book thing instead.
  • I Don’t Have Time to Be Shady - I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for the drama or shadiness that some clients and customers bring to the table. On page 79 you’ll see why you never have to deal with shady people again.
  • The Most Counterintuitive Way to Build a Business - Discover why it’s actually more profitable for my businesses (and most of my clients) when I make it harder for people to buy from me.
  • Your Offer Is in the Bedroom - This is a method of copywriting and selling an offer (especially something that’s $5,000+) that few think about but absolutely happens almost every time you hear the words “I don’t think this is right for me.” Go to page 81.
  • Want to Know Why This Page Has So Many Bullet Points? The answer is in chapter 4. Don’t worry, the book is not written in bullets. It’s 13 chapters and it’s written know...a book.
  • The #1 Reason It’s In Your Best Interest to Be Honest - If you join the world of dishonest marketers and online business owners, it will come back to bite you later on. See why on page 84 (this applies to all content, not just books).
  • An 80-Page Masterpiece - Imagine writing a book that has lasted longer than empires. The example on page 87 has!
  • Why You Only Need 13 Minutes of Marketing - Not just sometimes but forever. Just 13 minutes of great content is all that’s needed to grow a business for a lifetime. Don’t believe me? Check out the example on page 90. You’ve likely seen it, but you’ve never thought about it like this.
  • Who Do You Actually Attract With a Webinar Anyway? (This goes for video sales letters too) - If you’re getting someone to sit through a long sales presentation, it’s probably because they have more time than money. The antidote to this program is on page 92.
  • If You Score “27” or Under, It’s Time for This Asset - Complete the check-in exercise at the end of chapter 4 to determine your next steps (and if it’s time to start using this asset to scale your business).
  • Why You Might Not Want to Use a Book - Seriously, let me talk you out of using a book! If you’re thinking about using a book as any part of your marketing or business, you’ll want to take this assessment.
  • The Reason Prospective Buyers Don’t Trust You Yet and how a book can change the trust development process (including the overlooked form of trust that 9/10 marketers are ignoring right now).
  • 6 Questions Your Prospects Are Asking (and How to Answer them) - Find the answers to these 6 questions to increase close rates for courses, coaching programs, and services (any type of high-ticket offer).
  • ​​Writing a Short Book Makes Sales Messages Better. See how a book will help you keep your ideas clear and concise so that prospects can better understand who you serve, the problems you solve, and how you’ll help them.
  • 100 Pages (or Less) That Build 7-Figure Businesses. The length of a book does not dictate how valuable it is. In one of the included examples, you’ll see how just 40 pages changed the world.
  • “Give Me a Reason NOT to Do It:” If you want the best reason NOT to write a short book, go to page 99.
  • Why Everyone in the Business of Helping Others Should Have a Book - Discover how coaches, course creators, freelancers, agencies, speakers, and experts can use a book like this to get fully booked with clients.
  • “The Balancing Act” - Even if you don’t end up using a book, you can borrow this method to make any marketing funnel designed to acquire a customer or client “work.”
  • When CPS ≦ AOV = Scale is Imminent. Master this simple formula, use the numbers for marketing, and it’s possible to rapidly increase how quickly you can scale a business.
  • “Those Who Can Outspend Their Competitors Win” and the little “$10 tricks” you’ll be able to borrow and use to keep up with even the biggest businesses out there on any ad platform are on page 106.
  • How Much Does It Cost to Sell a Book Anyway? - Let me break down my numbers, the numbers I’ve seen working with some of the biggest names in online book sales, and the numbers we’ve seen with our clients.
  • The “#1 Secret” to Rapid Scale Is on Page 108 - It should be the first thing any entrepreneur masters before they start an online business, but if you haven’t learned it yet, it’s OK to skip ahead.
  • When a “Failure is Not Failure” - Ever here the phrase “three feet away from gold?” So many of our clients end up three inches away without knowing it (then we show them what’s on page 109 and everything changes).
  • This Equation Shows You What to Fix and How - I’ve put it right at the start of Part 2 so you’ll be able to jump right to it if you have a marketing strategy that’s broken. Works with any type of marketing funnel or website out there.
  • The Reason “Running Ads” Is Only About ONE Variable - Don’t keep getting lost in the numbers of paid advertising. Focus on just this one variable (that you can actually control) and stop worrying about the things out of your control.
  • Stability in Ever-Changing Markets - This is basic math, but once you understand the stability formula I’ll share in chapter 6, it’s much easier to keep business consistent.
  • Rapid and Lasting - Usually you have to pick one: Works Fast vs. Set Up for the Long-Term. Don’t let your initial impressions keep you from seeing the long-term benefits of the process outlined in chapter 6 (‘cause you can have both)
  • What to Do if You Need Help Understanding All of This - Just skip to that little grey box on page 111.
  • The 4-Page “Website” That Makes it All Work - Dive deep into the inner workings of The One Book Millions Method and see how each step of the marketing machine works. All the how to do it and “why is it done this way?” answers and questions start on page 113.
  • Can You Answer This Question? Here it is: Do you help people? If the answer is yes (and if you can answer the 2 questions on page 114), I’m almost certain I’d be able to make this method work for you if you were my client (which means you can do it yourself).
  • How to Write a Page That Sells a Book - I’ve done it for a few of the bigger names and more than a couple NYT bestsellers, my team has done it for more than a few clients we’ve taken from zero to 7-figure business owners...let me show you a few tricks of the trade.
  • Our Favorite Tweak No One is Using Yet - This is a little tweak we do on order pages that increases average order value for our clients like crazy, but we haven’t seen anyone else doing it yet. Page 116.
  • PLEASE DON’T EVER DO THIS: If you ever run any sort of marketing funnel with an upgrade or upsell, avoid the sales mistake I’ll share on page 118 because it’s likely holding back conversion numbers (it’s also pretty sleazy, let’s be honest).
  • ​​How to Turn a $4.99 Book Sale into a $100k/Year Client - How simple would business be if you had $100k/year clients coming to you automagically and already pre-sold on working with you?
  • “Is this really the best I can do?” - There are a lot of instances where this question might not matter (80/20 and all). On page 122, you’ll find out where it always matters.
  • Economics of $100,000/year Offers - Here’s how I went from a freelancer who was earning $30,000 per year, per client to $100,000 per year, per client. It’s all through the simple offer design strategy I’ll walk you through in chapter 8.
  • How I Create Premium Experiences and the method I use to do it without actually changing all that much about the experience (it’s simply a positioning shift).
  • Why a Book Presells Better Than Webinars or VSLs and the methods you’ll use to get the attention of your prospects and hold their attention longer in a world of constant distractions and overwhelming sales messaging.
  • 4 Steps From Reader to Premium Buyer - The only 4 steps you need to have in your “sales system” to turn a reader who doesn’t know you into a high-ticket buyer of a $3,000 to $30,000 program, offer, or service. To get the 4 steps, skip to page 122.
  • Stop talking to people who aren’t buying. You don’t have a lot of time to talk to prospects who aren’t interested in buying anything from you. Follow this method so you can stop talking to them entirely (and get rid of uncomfortable sales conversations in the process).
  • Pricing Structures for $100k Months. If your goal is to get to $100k/mo in your business, skip to page 125 and discover the business price structure models that are working right now for coaches, consultants, agencies, freelancers, and other types of client-based businesses.
  • Quit Adding Illogical Steps to Your Marketing - There are two ways to tell if you’ve been doing this, and I’ll give you both of them starting on page 126.
  • Don’t Be a Garbage Salesman - In chapter 8, there’s a good opportunity to narrow down your offer to something amazing. Take that opportunity so you’re not selling garbage. It’s easy to sell something amazing. It’s difficult to sell garbage.
  • ​​People Are Looking at 200 Things + You - I’ll show you the process I use in my businesses and the methods we’ve tested for 37 businesses in the last few months, proven to make sure they’re still paying attention to you.
  • How to “Make the Right Offer at the Right Time.” This is even better than making an “offer they can’t refuse” because it doesn’t just seem like a logical “next step” for your prospects, it IS the next step.
  • The 3 Types of Emails In Your Business: Borrow the pre-written templates starting on page 131, or use them as examples to improve your email follow-up.
  • Fully Booked Because of One Email - I’ll even give you the email template to do it. Just fill in the blanks (page 132).
  • Want People to Believe You Can Help? Do This. It might be the most profitable practice we’ve ever implemented and it’s easy to do. Try this strategy on ads, posts, in conversations, emails, everywhere! (page 133).
  • Here’s How Often to Send Emails - This is a general “rule of thumb” I use to determine how often to send emails. Doesn’t really matter if you use a book to build your business or not.
  • Why You Don’t Want to Talk to More People. This will be a shock if you’ve ever tried to do cold outreach to grow your business, but: There’s a point when it becomes more profitable to speak to fewer people (see why this scales a business faster on page 138).
  • 5-Step Follow Up - Borrow the process we use to turn book buyers who don’t become high ticket clients within 7 days after a book sale into clients at 14, 30, and 60 day intervals (page 136).
  • How to Decide What to Automate and the process you’ll use to remove the manual tasks taking away your time and resources.
  • The Golden Rule of 20% - You don’t need to have a PhD in economics to look back on your business and see this playing out again and again. Follow the calculations on page 138 to find the most valuable prospects in your business.
  • ​​16% of People Who Make $80k or More Do This - You’ll likely be surprised at how often they do it, too...I know I was (page 139).
  • “Intent Filtering” - This is a layer I use to separate the clients I’d like to work with from those I’d rather avoid. Now that you’ll have this asset in your business, you can be a little more picky. 
  • Here’s Our 40%+ Close Rate Application Process - Even those who don’t close downsell to a lower cost service at a high rate. I’ll outline the application process we use on page 140 (it matters).
  • Use These Dynamic Forms for Prospects - If you have any type of application or call booking process that prospects can fill out if they’re interested in working with you, switching to the dynamic process I’ll show you can add a 10-20% bump to close rates.
  • Want to See Why the Page You’re Reading Isn’t an Opt-In? If you go to page 142 of the book, you’ll see what I think is the absolute best reason (it’s also the top reason why going for leads using a freebie isn’t a great idea if you sell premium offers).
  • “High-Ticket Closing” Doesn’t Work - High pressure sales tactics are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Your prospects likely have more experience being sold to than most marketers have experience selling stuff. They know “what’s up.” Treat them with respect.
  • Illegal? One of the most popular ways to “sell without selling” might actually end up getting you into trouble.
  • Have Sales Calls, But Don’t Take Them Yourself. Dread selling? Build a business where you don’t have to do any of the selling yourself. Have the book, a 4-page website you’re about to see in action, plus the 4 steps you’ll discover in chapter 8 do it for you.
  • Why I Haven’t Taken a Sales Call in 7 Years - Do I still talk with prospects from time to time? Yes. But very rarely (maybe 2x a month) and the conversations are nothing like the sales calls you’re taught to use to close “high ticket.”
  • Swipe My Rejection Elimination Machine - If you’re tired of hearing “no” from prospects, this might be the best move you can make for your close rates.
  • Do You Have Time to Waste? If you don’t have a sales team right now, it’s imperative that you use the plan I lay out in chapter 8 because you don’t have time to waste talking to low quality prospects and time wasters.
  • The Worst Sales Advice I’ve Ever Heard and why you should stop trying to “one call close” your prospects (p. 147).
  • Don’t Make Profit “Razor Thin.” Many marketing strategies require a high-level of sales skill to implement. Any time you rely on skill to get ahead, you’ll run into someone who is inevitably more skilled. This book model can reduce the sales skill required to close a high-ticket client.
  • It’s Your Job to Help People, Not to Manipulate People, yet so many of the marketing strategies out there teach nothing but manipulation. With a book, you can finally stop manipulating your prospects into buying from you (and they’ll thank you for it).
  • There’s No Need to Face Sales Rejection from your prospective buyers. Stop the cycle of hearing “no thanks” when your business reaches out to prospective clients during sales calls or conversations.
  • An “Anti-Aggressive” Way to Attract Customers while maximizing the value given up front. On page two you’ll see “Reason #1” behind why this book is written the way it is. In part 2, you’ll discover why writing it that way leads to a more peaceful business.
  • Writing is Overrated - Our society has over-complicated the process of distributing information and communication through writing. In part 3 of this book, I’ll show you how to de-complicate writing.
  • Ever Have a Passionate Conversation? If you’ve ever spent an evening talking about something you care about for hours on end, if you’ve ever tried to convince someone of an have everything you need to make this process work.
  • This Will Make Writing Fast and Easy - If you’re passionate about helping anyone achieve anything, improving their lives or business and getting results, follow the writing method I’ll show you to create content faster than ever before.
  • ​​The Only Skill It Takes to Write Fast (it has nothing to do with being a great writer) and why you don’t even have to write yourself to use this method.
  • Want to See What I’m Actually Doing in My Book? There are a couple of answers, but the biggest one is in chapter 9 (page 153).
  • Don’t Write Books Like These - Let me give you a few examples of the types of books (and other content) that you don’t want to write. Avoid this style and method of ideation and you’ll end up with content that connects better with ideal prospects.
  • 4 Things Every Book Must Accomplish - Skip to page 154 and you’ll find the 4 goals of a successful book that’s written to scale a business (#4 is the most important of all...don’t skip it).
  • How to Compete Against YouTube - Ever think to yourself: “Why should I create this [course, book, blog post, program, service] because people can learn how to do it on YouTube for free?” The answer is in chapter 9.
  • People Aren’t Actually Buying Information - There are plenty of books out there that are packed with information (yours will be too), but you have to understand what people are really buying...and it’s not info (the answer starts on page 155).
  • Result-Planning Your Written Content - Even if you took a day to do this for 3 or 4 pieces of written content and never wrote a book, it might prove to be the most valuable use of your time when it comes to client-getting.
  • 1 Book, 1 Funnel, Follow-Up, and Scale to $100k - This is the “framework” of the book on this page. You’ll start creating your framework on page 156.
  • Turning Knowledge Into Frameworks - Master this one skill and you’ll be able to create better sales arguments than many of the copywriters I’ve hired in my 13+ career in marketing.
  • “Find” vs. “Invent” - Should you wait to “find” ideas for your book? Or should you go ahead and “invent” them instead? I’ll show you what path to choose and how to “invent” ideas so you don’t have to wait around to discover them.
  • ​​6 Ways to Find Your “Book Hook” - Use these to find a hook for your book that will capture the attention of your ideal prospects and readers. Do you do any marketing at all for your business? Use these same 6 techniques to improve your marketing, too (method #6 on page 163 is my favorite).
  • Master This Skill for Unlimited Scale - This idea creation framework might be the most valuable tool any CEO or business owner could possess.
  • Watch Netflix to Scale Faster - The lesson you can learn by watching Netflix is in chapter 9.
  • Rush Everything Else I’ve Mentioned Except This - The #1 thing you should not speed up in your business is revealed on page 159.
  • 6 Components of a Good Book - #1 is “Good & Useful Information” (that one is obvious) but if you do the exercise on page 172, you’ll discover that “useful information” might not be what you think it is.
  • Opposites Attract - Applying just this attention-attracting principle alone (and nothing else) helped one of my clients go from struggling to get traffic to their offers to generating 150 sales per day (page 160).
  • There’s Something Unusual Going On - If you look at the examples I’ll provide for component #3 of a “good book” you’ll see a common trend that most authors and businesses overlook.
  • When to Use a Case-Study - The first book I used to grow a business to 7-figures was a case-study style book. In part 3, I’ll show you how to determine if a case study book is a good fit for your goals.
  • My Idea Machine Process - Turn yourself into an “idea machine” and come up with what feels like unlimited ideas quickly by following the process I’ll start to lay out for you on page 168.
  • Take a Good Look Around and You’ll See what books or pieces of content have helped you most in your life (and what they all have in common). If you can’t see what they have in common, I’ll show you on page 173.
  • ​​What Is a “Unique Mechanism” Anyway? Everyone talks about how there has to be a “mechanism” behind what you do. The examples starting on page 174 demystify the mechanism and help make creating yours fast and simple.
  • How a $1.3 Million Webinar Launch Compares to a Book - Wanna see the difference between launching a webinar that generates $1.3 million in 5 days and using a book like this to rapidly scale a business? Skip to page 175.
  • How to Write Your Book Quickly (Chapter 11) - Or you can have someone else write your book (might not be as fast, but it’s less work). If that’s what you’re going to do, skip right to Chapter 13.
  • My Notecard Method for Outlining a Book - This is the only time you’ll actually have to do any “writing” (unless you prefer to actually sit down and write your book). Go to page 191 to see how.
  • A 7-Step Writing (Without Writing) Process that will show you how to “speak” a book so that you don’t need to actually have to write a single word. This is not like text-to-speech or trying to type with your voice.
  • I’ll Show You All the Tech I Use and the stuff my team utilizes to quickly write books for our clients.
  • Have You Experienced This Common Pattern? - If you’ve ever tried to write anything beyond a few thousand words before, you’ve likely noticed what I’ll walk you through on page 195. Let me show you how to get through this writing roadblock so you can be productive.
  • Let the Book Write Itself because it can and it very likely will if you follow the process for writing I’ve planned out for you.
  • Why How Well You Write Doesn’t Matter - You should still get the book edited (guidelines on page 199), but the reality is that if you really are trying to help people with your ideas and you’re following this approach + structure, you’ll be getting “thank yous” in your inbox.
  • Without This, a Book Will Do Nothing - It doesn’t matter if you follow my method to a “T” or if you’re using a book some other way, if you want to use a book to grow or scale a business, you’ll need to include point #6 on page 186.
  • 3 Manuscript Run-Though Methods - Don’t just pick one, do all three back to back. They start with step 5 on page 200.
  • There Are a Bunch of Grey Boxes in This Book - They’re called “sidebars” and they can be used for 3 specific purposes. I’ll show you how to use them on page 201.
  • “The Strategy Pass” - This is how to know if you’re writing a book that works with the journey you’d like your customers to take. Complete the “pass” I’ve outlined in chapter 11 before you’re done writing.
  • Chapter 12 Includes the “Business of Books” - It explains the business of books and how to use a book to get clients, fill coaching programs, and sell more products and services at scale. There’s a quick recap of this early on, but skip to page 208 to read it first if you’d like. 
  • Swipe My Marketing Price Performance Chart - This is a chart that breaks down what marketing “numbers” have to look like when you’re paying for traffic so that things can “work.” It works with more than just books.
  • $489,600 Per Month vs. $147,300 Per Month - You’d rather have the first one, right? Here’s the thing: until you see the date on page 211, the second actually looks more promising (but more than $300k is being left on the table).
  • Why It’s Easier to Sell a $50k Premium Offer - It’s hard to believe it until you’ve tried it, but you’ll be able to look at the numbers on page 212 and decide for yourself.
  • How Much Should a Book Cost? - Wondering why the book on this page is $4.99? I’ve broken down the math, and I’ll give you a look into our numbers and the numbers we’ve seen historically over the last year.
  • Building a Team to Help - You’ll likely need help with 2 components of the One Book Millions Method. In chapter 13, you’ll see how to find this help (and no, it’s not by hiring us to help you...but you can do that if you want).
  • Cover Design Choices - Want to see why the “1” on the cover of the book looks like a “1” and a “7” at the same time? It’s on purpose! You’ll get to make cover design choices too. See how to hire a cover designer on page 217.
  • ​​Book Funnel “Needs” Breakdown - Get a complete list of everything required to get a book live, out in the world, and selling so that you can bring in more prospects who are pre-sold on your offers and services.
  • And much, much more!
On the next page, you can decide to add-on the done-for-you templates, marketing materials, ad templates we use, and a few more goodies if you want to save some time and effort…

...but, as you can see, The One Book Millions Method contains everything I think you’ll need to understand and implement this method (and a bit more).

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7 x 7-Figure
Funnel Breakdowns

Here’s How the Top 1% of Marketers Are Using Books to Acquire Customers and Attract Clients
Inside The One Book Millions Method, you’ll discover how we use books as a marketing asset. You’ll see how our book method works in our business and for our clients, and we’ll provide case-study breakdowns of each and every step we use to acquire high volumes of new customers and turn them into high-ticket clients.

Do you also want to see how other coaches, consultants, agencies, service providers and digital course creators are using books in their marketing?  

In this 7 x 7-Figure Funnel Breakdown Training, I’ll show you how the Top 1% of marketers are using books as new customer acquisition tools in their businesses.

We’ll look at the offers, each page of their marketing funnels, and even some of their follow-up materials so you can get a full understanding of what makes a 7-figure funnel work.

You’ll see how our method compares to other “book funnels” out there so you can determine if our book asset model is the best fit for your goals.

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Bonus #2:

3 Clients Per Day
With a Short Book

How We Turn $4.99 Book Buyers into $3k - $30k+ Clients in About 7 Days Using a Book and Simple Follow-Up
Inside this bonus training, 3 Clients Per Day With a Short Book, you’ll discover the process we use to turn $4.99 book buyers into premium clients for our $3k to $30k offers.

Using a book to sell a high-ticket program, course, or service is a very different process than you might be used to seeing.
In this training, you’ll get a better understanding of how book buyers interact with your brand and your follow-up marketing messages.

You’ll discover how using a book differs from webinars, lead magnets, or VSLs…

...and I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process we use to turn $4.99 book buyers into premium clients without using pushy, desperate-feeling sales tactics.

Here’s the best part: You don’t even need a book to apply these principles into your marketing immediately.

As long as you’re already offering something that helps someone achieve a result and you’re selling it (not giving it away for free)... you can swipe the exact pathway we use to turn strangers into clients.

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3 Offers to 7-Figures

Discover the 3 Offers That Help Agencies, Coaches, and Digital Course Creators Consistently Get to 7-Figures
The next bonus training you’ll receive when you purchase The One Book Millions Method is my 3 Offers to 7-Figures Workshop.

In this workshop you’ll discover the 3 types of offers every online business should have, especially if you offer a service or work with clients.

This 3-offer framework is how we consistently take $10k/mo and $20k/mo coaches, consultants, and freelancers to consistent $100k and $200k months. 

Discover how these 3 offers work together, where a book asset fits in the mix, and dive deep into the “offer math,” revenue expectations we’ve developed after launching two coaching businesses of our own and helping over 800 online entrepreneurs grow and scale. 

While it is possible to build a business around a single, core offer and acquire customers or clients through other methods, this workshop will illustrate why a single offer model can only lead to more work, more inconsistency, and more stress.

With 3 offers in place, you can enjoy more profit predictability…, your success will be much less reliant on cold traffic acquisitions (and the whims of advertising platforms).

Get this 3 offer framework, use it with the book method you’re about to discover, or deploy it in your existing business for consistent, predictable profits.

The 3 Offer Model We Use to Quickly Scale $10k/mo Services to $100 - $200 Months… INCLUDED FOR FREE.

Bonus #4:

Book Hook Workshop

Use This Mechanism to Attract More Clients and Pre-Sell Them On Premium Offers Before They Even Read Your Book
Chapter 9 of The One Book Millions Method explains how to come up with “Book Hooks.”

The “Book Hook” is a framework you can use to attract high volumes of buyers to your book and convert them into high-ticket buyers...based on the framework of your book alone.

In this bonus workshop, you’ll join me for a step-by-step over the shoulder breakdown of book hooks, how they work, and how to construct them.

Have you ever heard a marketer or copywriter talk about how you need a “big idea” and you’ve wondered: “Ok, but how do I come up with one?”

This workshop will show you how.

Use it with your book or embed a “book hook” into your existing offers to help boost conversion rates and attract more of your ideal prospects.

The Book Hook Workshop and my book hook formula is included when you order The One Book Millions Method.

Use This Hook Method and Attract More Clients to Any Offer (Not Just Books)...  NO COST With Today’s Order

Bonus #5:

14-Day Writing Challenge

Follow This Unusual Writing Framework to Complete a Book and Start Using It as an Asset in Just 14 Days (or Less)
Ready to see how even non-writers who have never written more than a 1000 word blog post are planning, writing, editing, and publishing 100-150 page books in just 14 days?

It’s not by spending 2 full weeks chained to a desk behind the keyboard, that’s for sure!

During this bonus challenge, I’ll guide you step-by-step through an unusual but highly effective speed writing process that requires little actual writing skill.

Discover how to write just as fast as you speak, how to handle the editing process, and how to accelerate writing productivity far past what even the most prolific “traditional authors” are capable of.

And no, this is not accomplished by hiring someone else to write your book (although you can do that if you want to, but it won’t be as fast as doing it yourself using this 14-day challenge method).

Access the Framework Non-Writers Use to Plan, Write, and Publish Books in Just 14 Days (or Less)... at NO COST

Bonus #6:

Sales Mastery

This “Backwards” Sales System is How We Effortlessly Close 40% - 60% of All Sales Conversations (Without “Selling”)
If you sell a premium offer or service on the phone or with 1:1 conversations and you're looking to close more of the prospects you talk to, don’t miss this 4-part bonus training.

In this course, you'll discover the 4-part system we use to close 40% - 60% of our high-ticket sales conversations.

See why having a non-sales mindset is actually better than pushing to get a close…

Discover the sales framework we’ve developed and borrow it for your offer or deploy it with your book buyers…

Better understand the features and benefits of your offer…

Learn the methods we use to find objections and questions that prospects might have without being pushy or “over the top…”

And swipe the follow up strategies we used to close sales conversations without acting like typical “closers.”

Borrow our relaxed approach to sales and apply it to your business, and your prospects will appreciate the unorthodox ethical selling strategies he’s created to close more high-ticket clients.

The Ethical Sales Process We Use to Consistently Close 40%+ of All Sales Conversations… Included at NO COST.

Bonus #7:

Get the FREE Audiobook

The 6.5 Hour Audiobook Is Included When You Order Your Copy of The One Book Millions Method
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If you’re ready to try the method we use to rapidly acquire new customers and clients while more than covering traffic costs…

Turning brand new prospects into premium buyers of $3k to $30k programs…

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Rapidly building authority and trust...

...and eliminating the unpredictability of marketing systems that can be inconsistent, expensive, or time consuming...

My latest book, The One Book Millions Method, can show you what to do.

The advantages of using this method are outlined in the book, but at the very core of this method are these realities:

Marketing costs need to be covered rapidly in order to scale because you can’t afford traffic unless costs are quickly re-paid...

Building a list of buyers who pay to be sold on high-ticket programs is always going to be better than paying for leads because buyers will buy again (and again)...

And using a book to pre-sell prospects on premium programs will almost always result in higher close rates (especially when the book is written the way I’m about to show you).

We believe these are just a few of the many reasons why the book asset method we use scales faster and more predictably than any other method we’ve tried or tested.

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Here’s a simple promise:

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Get The One Book Millions Method + All 7 Bonuses

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  • A Digital Copy of the One Book Millions Method
  • ​7 x7-Figure Funnel Breakdowns
  • 3 Premium Clients Per Day Training
  • 3 Offers to 7-Figures Workshop
  • ​Book Hook Mechanism Workshop
  • ​14 Day Book Writing Challenge
  • ​Sales Mastery: 40% Close Rate System
  • 6.5-Hour Audiobook

Get Everything Above Today for

Just $4.99

You’ll receive The One Book Millions Method digital book, the 6.5+ hour audiobook, a MOBI file for your e-reader or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.

Mike Shreeve
I Help Online Entrepreneurs Scale Quickly
Thanks for taking the time to read this far.

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and businesses who serve others since 2007.

Here are a few of the clients I’ve had the privilege of working with:
  • Mel Robbins
  • Russell Brunson
  • Tom Bilyeu
  • ​Bill Glazer
  • ​Darren Hardy
  • Brendon Burchard
  • SUCCESS Magazine
  • ​Mara Glazer
  • ​Tony Robbins
  • ​Liz Benny
  • ​And many, many more.
Back in 2017, I transitioned away from free webinars, giving away lead magnets, and hustling on social media for clients…

And started using books to acquire new customers and turn them into clients.

That transition allowed me to rapidly scale one of my coaching businesses…

Turning a Short, 68-Page Book
Into a 7-Figure Business

After moving away from lead magnet freebies and webinars, the quality of my email list and all the prospects on it dramatically improved.

The quality of sales conversations improved too.

My team started only talking to customers (book buyers), our cost to acquire a high-ticket sale went below zero (so we were getting paid to close clients), and for the first time in a long time, I was able to take a vacation from my business and watch it grow without me there.

Almost every aspect of my business improved by switching to a book asset.

Over time, I’ve worked with my team to perfect the process, launching and managing customer acquisition funnels for ourselves and our clients.

While I certainly did not “invent” using a book as an asset, I believe we’ve optimized the process for the state of today’s marketplace.

Books may be one of the oldest, most time-tested marketing assets that still survive in today’s fast-paced world of short attention spans, expensive traffic, and competitive markets.

We’ve found that this time-tested model, with a few tweaks, performs better than any marketing strategy we’ve tested or used to acquire new customers and turn them into premium clients at scale.

Inside the book, you’ll discover how I’ve scaled my businesses using a book and you’ll see how my team helps our private clients do the same.

You’ll find an unusual writing method I use to write books in just a few days…

And you’ll read over 230 pages of insights, lessons, and marketing strategies we’ve learned by selling coaching programs, services, and digital courses using books.

Obviously, I can’t promise that you’ll read The One Book Millions Method and you’ll be able to replicate my results.

What I can promise is that you’ll discover take-away insights, methods, and strategies that you can immediately implement into your marketing…

...and you’ll discover an approach to using a book to scale a business that can rapidly turn prospects who don’t know you into premium clients.

I hope you enjoy reading The One Book Millions Method.

After you’ve finished it (or even before), send me an email and let me know what you think of it.

See you on the inside,

Mike “The Book Whisperer” Shreeve

Get The One Book Millions Method + All 7 Bonuses

For Just $4.99

  • A Digital Copy of the One Book Millions Method
  • ​7 x7-Figure Funnel Breakdowns
  • 3 Premium Clients Per Day Training
  • 3 Offers to 7-Figures Workshop
  • ​Book Hook Mechanism Workshop
  • ​14 Day Book Writing Challenge
  • ​Sales Mastery: 40% Close Rate System
  • 6.5-Hour Audiobook

Get Everything Above Today for

Just $4.99

You’ll receive The One Book Millions Method digital book, the 6.5+ hour audiobook, a MOBI file for your e-reader or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.


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