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Option #1

Premium Offer Creation

We Can Help You Create and Market Test a $3k - $30k Premium Offer or Service 

Our strategy for developing and testing premium offers, allows you to create a “market of one” and become the go-to choice for the people or businesses who need your help the most.
Inside this program, we’ll help you:
Develop a premium ($3k - $30k+) service or program you can offer to clients.
Test your offer and attract clients using our proven organic marketing process (no paid traffic required).
Ensure your offer is scalable and easily systemized so that it doesn’t become a bottleneck as your business grows.
Use peaceful, low-pressure sales conversations to get clients for your offer.
And deliver industry-leading outcomes for your clients. 

We’ll help you create more than a “high ticket” offer you can charge $3k or more for. We’ll also work with you to ensure your offer can promise (and deliver) above-average outcomes for your clients.

Option #2

We Can Help You Plan and Write Your Client-Getting Book

Get Help Planning and Writing Your One Book Millions Method-Style Book
During this program, we’ll help you plan and write a One Book Millions Method-style book that you can use to simplify your marketing and turn book readers into clients for your offers or services. 
As part of this 8-Week Book Accelerator Program, you’ll get:
Help developing book ideas and creating a compelling “book hook” for your book.
Our book outlining process and resources for fast and easy book writing...
Help with your book cover and blurb...
Access to the Peaceful Profits book writing training portal with guided book writing lessons.
This program follows our One Book Millions Method for writing a book that can bring in clients. 

Option #3

Peaceful Profits Implementation Program

Premium Offer Creation & Testing + Our Book Writing, Marketing, and Sales System
The Peaceful Profits Implementation Program is our premier program for coaches, consultants, agency owners, and entrepreneurs who would like to scale to their business to 7-figures/year and beyond.
In this program, you’ll get access to our complete Peaceful Profits Training Portal with lessons on premium offer creation and testing, book writing and publishing, marketing automation, and systems. You’ll also get access to the Peaceful Profits coaching team who can help with offers, sales, marketing, systems, and more!
Lessons and support for premium offer creation and testing with organic traffic. 
Lessons, resources, training, templates, and guidance for setting up a One Book Millions Method style marketing funnel (to sell a book or a “product front-end” offer).
Guidance on systems, scale, and a process for working your way out of your business.
Access to daily office hours with the Peaceful Profits team (including recordings from 2+ years of weekly Q&A sessions).
Q&A sessions with world-class ads and paid traffic strategists, sales coaches and consultants, book writing experts, copywriters, COO and CFO-level advisors, and many others.
And much, much more
As part of this program, you’ll get access to all of our Peaceful Profits resources so you can create a premium offer, test it, and automate the marketing of your offer using a book or product front-end.
You also get access to the Peaceful Profits team of coaches, writers, and experts. Bring your offer, sales, marketing or ads questions (and more!) to them for direct feedback every week. Add our team to your team. 

Option #4

Done-for-You Authorship Package

We Can Write a Book that Can Bring Clients into Your Business 

Our Done-for-You Authorship Package is designed around our One Book Millions Method for building an acquisition funnel and selling a premium offer or service at scale.
Our ghostwriting package and the development of every book we write is overseen by our marketing team and authorship advisor, a New York Times Bestselling Ghostwriter, who will check in on your book at all major milestones to ensure your book is as comprehensive and valuable as the #1 bestseller in your niche or market.

When you become a done-for-you authorship client..

You’ll meet with our done-for-you authorship team to share your goals and your ideas so we can plan your book…
We ask that you participate in interview sessions with our team to plan and create content for your book…
We’ll handle all the planning, outlining, research, writing, and draft editing of your book…
We will design your book cover and give you multiple options to choose from... 
We will provide both digital and print formatting for your book…
We will send you print copies of your book for use on stage or to give away to friends and clients…
The typical timeline for our ghostwriting process is 16 weeks.
This includes 1-2 weeks of onboarding, consultation, and proposals, followed by a 12-week planning, research, and writing phase. On weeks 15 and 16, we plan to design, format, and publish your finished book.

Space in this program is limited.

Option #5

Become a Private Client

We Can Launch Your Book for You, Build the Marketing Funnel to Sell It, and Run Your Ads 

As a Private Client, you’ll be able to leverage our years of experience building acquisition funnels and scaling premium offers so that you can maximize the profit in your business while enjoying less stress and more freedom. 

When you become a private client, we will:

Give you lifetime access to all of the training, coaches, and more inside of our Peaceful Profits Implementation Program…
Design a marketing strategy to bring clients to your business using a book or a product front end…
Write all of the marketing materials to sell your book or product front-end including, but not limited to, ads, landing pages, emails, promotional videos and more…
Design, build, and set-up a marketing funnel (including tech integrations) required to sell your book or product front-end…
Launch your marketing funnel, run your ads, and handle all of the post-launch optimizations…
And much, much more.
To qualify for this program, we ask that you currently have a premium offer that you’ve successfully sold for $3k or more and that you have customer or client testimonials that we can use for marketing purposes. 
We prefer to work with clients who already have a book written, are willing to create a low-ticket digital product as a “product front end,” or would like to participate in our Done-for-You Authorship Program as part of the private client experience
This is a 100% done-for-you service backed by a money-back guarantee.
We can only service a limited number of done-for-you clients at a time. Space is limited. 

To Learn More About Our Coaching Programs, Book a Call Today to Speak with a Peaceful Profits Advisor 

How Much Does it Cost to Work with You?

Pricing ranges from $1,500 to $70,000 depending on the level of service and help you’re looking for. Book a call to speak with one of our advisors and we’ll help you to find the best solution for your budget and goals. 
For those in the U.S. who have a credit score above 680 and a business doing more than $40,000 per year, we have an option to get started at any level (including our highest levels of Done-For-You) for zero upfront cost and as little as $500/month for a payment plan. If you feel you qualify, please let our advisors know. 
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